Team Building Workshop

Your success as a manager can often depend on how well your team operates. How are their problem-solving skills? Are they enthusiastic and motivated to do their best? Do they work well together? There have been hundreds of studies demonstrating that human beings function better and learn better in groups. If you want to develop your team leadership skills and unleash the talent of your individual team members, this workshop is a practical look at current leadership practices that work.

Workshop topics:

  • Examine the work practices of high performing teams.
  • In-depth coverage of Glenn Parker’s 12 characteristics of highly effective teams.
  • Build teamwork by recognising and tapping into the five basic types of information your team needs.
  • Promote trust and rapport by exploring your team player style and how it responds to team values.
  • Recognise the key elements that move a team from involvement to empowerment and how to give these elements to your team.
  • Develop five training steps to unleash team potential and develop team problem-solving and assessment skills.

Course Highlights (3-Day Course)

  • Learning Objectives and Agenda.
  • Discussion of pre-assignment.
  • The Team Player Survey.
  • Organisations Today.
  • Exploring High Performance Teams.
  • Assignment: Team Project.
  • Team Shaping Factors.
  • Team Problem-Solving.
  • Team Norms.
  • Managing Team Conflict.
  • Understanding Team Stages.
  • Obtaining Consensus.
  • The Freedom for Creative Thinking.
  • Team Problem-Solving.
  • SWOT Analysis.

What’s included?

  • Small interactive classes.
  • Specialised manual and course materials.
  • Personalised certificate of completion.
  • Post Course support can be provided by either coaching, webinars and inclusion into a closed Facebook Group.