My Story

My mission is to support Entrepreneurs and Leaders by coaching them to Bio-hack their mind, be unshakable through any challenge and achieve outstanding performance in all areas of their life.

I am also passionate about supporting Teens by teaching them the skills to bio-hack their mind for optimal performance, resilience and happiness.

Previously I was an Officer in the Australian Army where I deployed with my troop on operational service. Since leaving the Army, I have maintained senior leadership positions at both the corporate and project levels before starting The Way Ahead Academy in August 2015 amd in July 2019 the rebranded as Seares Resilience Academy.

While consumed with PTSD after leaving the Army, I eventually became separated and divorced: resulting in me being a single dad to two amazing girls, financially devastated and looking for any opportunity to escape my shame and hide from my feelings. I found my passion while recovering from PTSD and found that I became freer to live life with passion and purpose; reconnecting with my girls and releasing myself from limiting beliefs regarding security results from financial income. I became energised by coaching individuals and groups, building their internal resources and overcoming their mental barriers; resulting in both massive improvements in moral and productivity in the workplace and significant personal change.

I have been mentored and trained by the very best in the industry; allowing me to provide my clients with the best level of service. My mentors include:

  • Dr Heidi Heron
  • Chris Duncan
  • Tony Robbins
  • James Lawley and Penny Tompkins

When not enjoying working with awesome client’s smashing their goals, I spend quality time with my two girls, Anna (11) and Sasha (10). I have a strong affinity to the sea and I recharge in my downtime through physical exercise, immersing myself in nature and spending time with my Coaching Support Hound, Zanzibar.

I am fortunate enough that I can give back to the community through volunteer work with the Veterans Centre and Parents Beyond Brake up.

The Way Ahead Academy is excited to provide financial and professional support the Veterans Centre.