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Clint Seares is a Resilience Coach and Speaker and Director and Founder of the Seares Resilience Academy.

I am passionate about supporting Leaders and Entrepreneurs (as well as Teens) so that they have the skill to Bio-Hack their mind for optimal performance, resilience and happiness.

My guarantee to you is that, after our initial commitment, you won’t pay me anything else until your outcome has been met. My target is for you to hit your 6 months goals in 3 months.

Are you ready to overcome fear and uncertainty and step into your power?

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Unlock the Power of Resilience in Your Mind So You Can Combat Challenges Effortlessly and Easily Surpass Your Goals to Grow Your Business Exponentially.

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Equipping Teenagers with the Strategies, Skills and Tools They Need to Live Happy, Productive and Fulfilled Lives

What Others Have to Say

Here’s what some of Clint’s students have to say about the results they have achieved with Clint’s training:

“On another *exciting* note, while we were on the phone together, I also had TEN people sign up for coaching discovery sessions with a new partner that reached out to me the other day sent an email out to his list of subscribers offering my free call. I think my energy is shifting!! 
I have lots to celebrate today. Just wanted to say thank you for being such a wonderful coach! I'm so grateful to have connected with you!”.


“The metaphoric exercise labeling my self-punishment/pain as a 5 lb gray, metal-like weight inside of my heart was SO helpful. First, identifying this weight as my own self-punishment and not missing my ex was spot on. Second, I couldn't seem to "get rid of it" with the power hose method, but I thought about literally reaching into my chest and removing it with my hand, throwing it to the side, and smashing it with a hammer That seemed to work! Giving this self punishment/feeling such a specific shape, color weight and location is really helping me to identify and remove it - it feels almost like a surgical removal of a specific organ - rather than having it take over everything inside of me where I can't identify or remove it. I decided on the perfect replacement item to fill this hole. And now, whenever the heavy heart comes back, I recognize it's my own punishment that's not needed....and I'll continue removing it until it goes away for good! I knew I was doing this to myself, but I couldn't figure out how to stop it. YOU gave me a way! I'm so grateful!”.


“Hi Clint, Just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for today (and always), and give you a quick update: The disassociation exercise today about my ex was incredibly helpful...when I get into a "loop" of when I'd normally think about good times in the past together, I'm now able to think of him in a whole different light now (small, goofy, insignificant and incapable of being with me)...and he feels like something I am no longer in need of instead of something I'm desiring back again”.


“Thanks Clint for your work with me so far. In a few sessions you managed to get me to reveal a great deal about myself which helped me to address some of my inner limitations and mind blocks. You quickly analysed the various things you recognised as holding me back, and put some simple and effective strategies in place to deal with these and adapt my mindset. I look forward to doing more work with you and making some positive and clear goals for the future.”

Small Business Owner

“Good to be reminded of the cycle for success and how low out though are mostly fixated on the past”

Travel Agent

“Great morning session, it helped to re-think about goals and how to achieve them.”


“Seminar when well, made me realise about how both vision and gaols work to become successful.”

Team Leader - Tavel agent

“Super insightful into some aspects of my life that may be holding me back from achieving my goals.”

Travel Agent

“Learnt a lot. Very motivational”

Real-estate professional
Excellent start for changing lives
Real-estate professional
“Interesting presentation on how the mind works. Thank you.”
Real-estate professional
“Do not let the past stop you from your future. Live in the present.”
Real-estate professional
“Very motivating. Thank you”
Dee Why
“A good introduction to changing your future and the steps to do it”
Hollie Napper
“Very inspiring. Keep up the good work!”
Sofia Nineham
Dee Why
“Great motivation, all helps with long term goals. Helped make my goals seem more achievable”
Alecia Harrison
Dee Why
“The short intro was clear and practical and I can already put it into use! Thank you!”
Maciej Karnecki

“Loved the goal visualisation!! It worked!!”

Victoria Tye
Frenchs Forest

“Specific relevant and personable. Awesome!”

Adam Cox
Rushcutters Bay

“It all makes perfect sense, great talk”

Lisa Harrison

“Loved it. Have focused a lot on personal develop last year – time to act!”

Kelly Burke

“Interesting content, well delivered”

Laura Preston
Dee Why

“I felt the information was very helpful”

Samantha Newman

“Thought it was delivered well and kept us involved. Liked the “in your face” patterns and images to portray habits and processes”

Belinda Ayubi-knight
Dee Why

“Great “Pump up” Session for the team. Thank you!”

Andressa Coelho
Flight Centre Team Leader

A useful, visual display of a call to act toward lives goals. Thank you.

Liz Hobson
Manly Travel Consultant

“Really appreciated the concept of working in small steps towards greater goals. Very enthusiastic!”

Emily Amber
Manly Travel Consultant

“Eye opener to daily habits. Good advise as to how to make small changes”

Renae Doherty
Curl Curl

“Good to be reminded of the cycles for success and how out thoughts are mostly in the past”.

Fiona Kettle

“Interesting presentation and how the mind works. Thank you”.

Mark O’Mahony
Balgowlah Real Estate Professional

“Very insightful to the constant barriers of our life and how to change that perception”.

Melissa McCredie

“Feel determined to action my goals and now how I now have to go about achieve this. Can visualise the future and can see happiness”.

Michelle Sutton

“After this session I realise I need to make action plans and stop procrastinating. I also need to think about whether my goals are the wrong goals. I have never through of it like that. More to the fact of never being able to finish anything”.

Michelle Sutton

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